Kabeline 2444 epoxy resin


  • Specially developed for bonding sensors in concrete or asphalt roads
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  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Suitable for concrete, and asphalt roads
  • Total moisture resistance and easy to process
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Very good adhesion to metal and stone materials
  • Excellent curing properties
  • Very high com2-component bag with the resin and hardener always supplied in the right volumes and mixture
  • Resin which remains in the bag after mixing can be left for hardening and can be disposed of as normal waiste
Potlife (process time) 23°Cminutes15
Gel-time 23°Cminutes30
Curing time 40°Cminutes30
Densityg / cm³1,50
Compression strengthN / mm²90
HardnessShore D88
Tensile strengthN / mm²75
Impact resistancekJ / mm²20
Shrink%< 1
Thermal conductivityW/m∙K1,1
Shelf lifemonths12
Mixing timeminutes3
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