Filofast thermoshrink joints


The Filofast joints have been developed for telecom networks, based on a special sealing material, and offer many advantages against other jointing methods existing in the market. Installation is easy, and the result is extremely reliable. Filofast joints can be used for connection- as well as for branch-off joints.

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  • Saving on installation time up to 25%
  • Fewer components
  • No adhesive rings or scops required
  • Substantial saving on instruction of mechanics
  • Reliable and long lasting sealing for water penetration
  • Less man-dependant
  • Lower risk of cable damage due to lower temperature
  • Lasting flexible seal
  • Only one installation method for all cable types
  • Safer during re-opening of the joint: no fluid hot adhesives
  • Kits are being supplied with all required components
  • Upon request, other sets can be assembled to meet your requirements exactly
CriteriaConditionNormFilofast joint
Visual appearanceQCTS E121No visible change
Longitudinal shrinkage23+/-3°C>5% (measured 0%)
Installation5 - 45°C> 10E10 ohm
Intermittent environmental temp.10 cycliIEC 60068-2-14> 10E10 ohm
Water penetration7 daysIEC 60068-2-17> 10E10 ohm
Isolation resistance1 minuteIEC 60512-1-1> 10E10 ohm
UV resistance20°C/minISO 11358>2% C
Stress cracking30d 50°CIEC 60811-4-1 BNo damage
Tensile strength longitudinal23= +/- 3°CISO 527 1 + 313,7 Mpa
Tensile strength radial23= +/- 3°CISO 527 1 + 315,8 Mpa
Elongation at break longitudinal23= +/- 3°CISO 527 1 + 31200%
Elongation at break radial23= +/- 3°CISO 527 1 + 31200%
Shrink parameter5 minutes<5 min at 200°C
Melting temperature adhesiveCa. 80°C
Weakening point adhesiveASTM E28Ca. 70°C
Hardness thermoshrink materialISO 86851 ° D
BrittlenessISO 974Still flexible at -20°C
Thermal aging68 hoursISO 18817,4 Mpa
Themal aging168 hoursISO 188400%
Die-electric strengthIEC 243>10 kV/mm
Bonding strength adhesive50 mm/minCa. 35 N/25mm
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In all our heat-shrink products, we start from the principle that the products must be reliable and as good as the cable itself. The high quality of the heat-shrinkage products, and to the detailed instructions for use comply with this principle. The large and complete range of heat shrinkable products consists of connecting, transitional and end sleeves and various products for various cable constructions. The products include all necessary materials for a perfect protection of the cable. The shrinkage products are manufactured from quality raw materials with very high cross-linking and can shall be provided with an internal coating. Depending on the application can use these internal coating consist of an adhesive layer, or a mastic layer. The production is carefully monitored according to ISO 9001

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