• Used as a reinforcement tape for bigger injection joints during the summer to prevent the PVC tape from stretching too much during injection of the resin
  • Very suitable for bundling of cables, tubes and profiles
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  • Polypropylene with glass-fibre filaments
  • Reinforced with filaments in longitudinal direction
  • Extremely high tensile strength for maximum hold
Materialpolypropylene with glass-fibre filaments
Adhesive typesynthetic rubber
Adhesion20 N/25mm
Tensile strength600 N/25mm
Elongation at break10%
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80153 Filamenttape 38mmx 10m 38mm x 10m x 0,13mm transparent Order unit 48 pcs/carton
80152 Filamenttape 10mmx 10m 10mm x 10m x 0,13mm transparent Order unit 180 pcs/carton
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